10.02.2020 Press Release – Last 10 Days of Crowdfunding for New German Label CAPE Cosmetics

10.02.2020 Press Information

100% natural and compostable: skin care and make up from CAPE Cosmetics

Final 10 days for crowdfunding of natural cosmetics start-up

The new German label CAPE Cosmetics clearly focuses on environmental protection.The skin care and make up products consist exclusively of plant ingredients and minerals and have an exceptionally high organic content of 56% to 96%. Most of the ingredients are sourced from South Africa. Unique – not only in the German cosmetics landscape – is the industrially compostable Sulapac® packaging. Now the production is around the corner: 44% of the funding goal on Startnext has been reached – for the missing 56% the countdown runs until February 20, 2020.

Crowdfunding – perfect conditions for sustainable funding

“The first production of CAPE Cosmetics is planned to be funded by crowdfunding because it is the most sustainable form of financing and at the same time a market test”, explains founder Maike Thumel, who started CAPE because of her own autoimmune disease and her love for South Africa that she collected through numerous volunteering and holiday trips.
Those who support CAPE can secure several rewards – either products at an presale price, but also DIY workshops with the founder, a trip to Cape Town or getting all new developments for two years before launch.
If the first funding goal is not achieved, the supporters will receive their money back in full. To be able to finance CAPE Cosmetics founder Maike has set two amounts as milestones: If the campaign generates funds of 80,000 euros, all of the six products currently being developed will be brought to market. If 35,000 EUR are raised, two products will be produced initially.

Sustainable impulse for the cosmetics industry

For the development of the cosmetics industry the market entry of CAPE Cosmetics would be an important impulse: only very few of the cosmetic products currently on the market are cruelty-free, vegan, produced in Germany and made from purely natural ingredients. None of the existing product lines currently has an industrially compostable packaging. CAPE Cosmetics products are also water-free to minimize possible germ and bacteria contamination and at the same time to prevent unnecessary water transport and usage. The product range of the Nuremberg based company also goes without preservatives of any kind (e.g. parabens), and also synthetic fragrances, alcohol, softeners, silicones and mineral oils. A part of each product sale is intended to support educational and environmental projects.

The crowdfunding campaign is running until Feb 20, 2020 on Startnext at www.startnext.com/en/capecosmetics

Maike Thumel
T.: +49 911 9900 9982
Mail: press@cape-cosmetics.com

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